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Always There
Percy was snoring.
Funny, Annabeth thought, as she stood as a shadow over his bed, that he would be sleeping soundly while sweet dreams remained stubbornly out of her reach.
She slipped off her cap and felt the familiar brush of her hair as it tumbled down her back. Its magic had returned since the Second Giant War had come to a closing. Athena had even apologized to her face for the mishap—a stiff, barely intelligible mutter, accompanied by an awkward handshake—but an apology all the same. Annabeth watched the faded white New York Yankees symbol brighten as she set it on Percy’s bedside table and it entered the circle of light cast from the lamp situated on its top. A sad smile pulled at her lips. That poor cap had been through a lot; it had traveled across the country--twice--sailed over the Sea of Monsters, and been her trusty companion in the Battle of Manhattan. There was only one place she had been where the hat had not been with her. One place it would never se
:icongi1997:Gi1997 88 20
Angel On the Beach
Percy Jackson released a content sigh as he gazed across the sandy beach of Montauk, his old childhood summer escape. It had been years since he had visited, but the whole scene was as fresh as it was in his memories, as if he had stepped right into an old photograph snapped by his mother—the ocean’s familiar roar in the distance, pounding the shoreline where a little blue beach house was nestled in the sand like an old friend, with its creaky steps and peeling paint job—the place was practically home. But it held something now that it hadn’t before, something that made it infinitely more magnificent than the place already was, or rather—two somethings.
“Percy, put that stupid camera away.” Percy tore his eyes from the little peephole in the camcorder—a hand me down classic courtesy of Sally and Paul—and met his wife’s stormy gaze. There was a scowl on her sun flushed face, pretty as ever, and her long blonde hair was c
:icongi1997:Gi1997 51 48
Innocent Stare Down
The tension in the room was a live wire, quivering between the two sets of eyes that were intensely locked together in a silent stare down. Each breath was echoing, each pound of his heart was a heavy drum beat. Don't give in. A bead of cold sweat trickled from Percy's scalp, and traced its way down his face.
Annabeth's eyes were the color of clouds before a rain storm, big and wide, heavy and pressing. Percy swallowed. Behind her long dark lashes, her gaze seemed to penetrate straight into his soul. Don't do it. Even as he thought it, he could feel himself cracking, breaking as glass does when it’s pushed on hard enough. He silently cursed her for possessing such power, using those big beautiful eyes to strike him down like a weapon in battle. Don't...
The words were rising up against his will, the desire to give in growing too strong. He had to. He--"Fine!" Percy blurted, just as Annabeth said, "Fine!"
They blinked at each other. Annabeth said, "Wait," at t
:icongi1997:Gi1997 43 34
Can't Beat the Classics
The sun was high in the sky, breaking through the full leaved trees on the edge of the woods, creating shade and a place to escape the heat at. Somewhere off, a little ways in the distance, the Long Island Sound was crashing against the beach shoreline. She could hear it, almost like an echo of someone calling her name, someone she knew well.
Annabeth breathed in the sweet scent of baking strawberries and sighed. There was no better place to spend summer at than Camp Half-Blood. She and Percy were lying in the grass, having just finished instructing a sword fighting lesson for a group of younger campers. They had demonstrated a typical parry-strike-thrust-dodge battle that Annabeth had walked away victorious from, much to the amusement of the kids. "But you're Percy Jackson!" They had exclaimed to Percy. "You're supposed to be the best!" And Percy had given a little shrug of his shoulder and said, "Never underestimate the power of your girlfriend--or, uh, boyfriend."
:icongi1997:Gi1997 58 37
Sacrificial Showdown
So this is my take on a scene in what would probably be the last Heroes of Olympus book that I think would be cool to see between Annabeth, Percy, and Gaea involving the sacrifices and her wanting to awaken the first of August...I suggest reading the summary below first before reading so you're not too confused. This is in Annabeth's 3rd person focus, during the time the big battle between the demigods and Gaea's army would occur in Greece, and Gaea has just captured her...
The room Annabeth now stood in was vast and grand, composed of the sort of architecture she wished she had the time to study properly. Towering stone columns held the structure up and a dazzling assortment of constellations were spread across the ceiling high above. She noticed gold and marble statues peeking around alcoves in the walls—some gods, some titans, some monsters—and something more ominous. A stone slab raised by smaller statues took up the center of the room, and a long silver sword ba
:icongi1997:Gi1997 44 60
The fire flickered against the cave walls, the shadows dancing around the tiny flame in a world of darkness. The flames should have provided some warmth, Annabeth decided, but she was finding more and more that everything in Tartarus was cold, dead.
Her hand moved to hover above her ankle, her fingers picking at the bandages wrapped around it like a present. Percy and she had managed to find her backpack, torn and missing some supplies, but also having others. Like ambrosia. And nectar.
What a stroke of luck it had been to find the pack among the wreckage, for indeed it had been a very very hard fall.
Annabeth watched the wood turn scorched under the fire's wrath, curling off into strips of dark white ash. There had been a moment--brief moment--where the world had turned to a blackness even thicker than this one as she fell. Percy's hand had slipped away from her wrist, and there had been nothing. When Annabeth had opened her eyes again she had found Percy's face hovering above
:icongi1997:Gi1997 53 47
Something Permanent
Four years.
That was how much time had passed since Annabeth had last stood here, and watched the setting sun light Athens a fiery blaze of orange and red. Four years.
It was astounding, how the time had seemed to fly in the blink of an eye, and yet the memories were preserved with all of the same vivid clarity they had when claiming the present. Especially here, in this spot, where one of the major battles of the war had occurred; she could see flashes of the past behind her closed eyelids, like the after shadows that came from staring at the sun for too long. The cool breeze winding through the Parthenon's pillars chilled Annabeth to the bone. She didn't want to relive the past. Not now. Not ever.
"We shouldn't have come," She spoke at last, turning to face her boyfriend standing still within the columns' long shadows. His gaze was fixed past her, but his expression was almost...thoughtful. He certainly didn't look as bothered as she did by the familiarity of everything.
"It's not to
:icongi1997:Gi1997 76 79
The rain poured down and for once Percy let it in, to soak his hair and face and make his fingers slippery where they gripped Annabeth's hands. Her face was light in the thunderstorm darkness, her smile brighter than the flashes of lightning streaking the sky above. He bent in front of her, releasing his hand only to offer it to her again, like a prince to a princess. "May I have the honor of dancing with you in this storm, m'lady?" He grinned at her through his mop of damp hair and Annabeth laughed.
She took his hand and squeezed it tight in a cold, slick grip. But it was a good cold, the same cold that mixed with the howling wind and shivers that resulted from the clashing thunder. It was heart pounding, exhilarating.
Annabeth's blonde hair was pasted to her face, her eyelashes glistening with silver specks. "Why of course you may," she told him in a poor attempt at sounding fanciful.
Percy pulled her close and then they were whirling across the damp dock, effortless and free.
:icongi1997:Gi1997 43 58
At Home
Spoilers for Mark of Athena!
This one shot picks up where Rick Riordan left off before Percy and Annabeth fall asleep in the stables aboard the Argo II (So when they're cuddling). Warning: it's pretty fluffy.

"Shut up, Seaweed Brain. Just hold me for a while."
…Percy happily obliged and pulled Annabeth closer to him. Her body curved to fit his nearly perfectly and it was then that Percy realized how much he’d missed this, just lying next to Annabeth. Her soft hair brushed against his face feather soft, smelling of wildflowers and strawberries baking in the sun. If Percy closed his eyes he could almost imagine he was back at Camp Half-Blood, lounging in the strawberry fields with Annabeth like they used to do before…Well, before things had went bad.
Percy stuck his face into her hair and took a long whiff of summer. “You smell good,” he mumbled.
Annabeth laughed against him. “Good to know. You don’t smell too bad yourself.”
:icongi1997:Gi1997 91 125
A Kiss On the Nose by Gi1997 A Kiss On the Nose :icongi1997:Gi1997 382 25 Percy Jackson--Sims 3 by Gi1997 Percy Jackson--Sims 3 :icongi1997:Gi1997 13 17
Live Long
Death, Annabeth decided, was a very strange thing.
It wasn't quick and painless--oh it was far from painless--but while on one hand there was suffering, there was also a promise it would end. Almost as if death were making a bargain, suffer beyond belief and I'll give you eternal relief.
What a beautiful consolation prize that would be.
The lake of blood keeping her afloat smelled rank, but soaked into her hair and clothes with a force that she no longer possessed power over. She thought of last summer, when her hands had been coated in the different bloods of so many people. And then that one last death, where she had pressed her palm to his and imprinted his innocent blood onto her fingertips forever.
Annabeth wished Luke was with her right now. He would hold her hand, brush the hair back from her forehead like she was 7 years old again, and whisper her way through this. "It's okay, Kiddo. Only a little while longer and things will be better."
Maybe she would see him so
:icongi1997:Gi1997 45 127
Annabeth Chase--Sims 3 by Gi1997 Annabeth Chase--Sims 3 :icongi1997:Gi1997 96 71
Percabeth and the Wii System--A Half-Shot
This is a little snippet that takes place after the heroes have set off for their quest, in which Leo is bored and runs into a not so happy Percy and Annabeth. I was inspired when I read the first chapter of MoA where Leo used Wii remotes to control the ship.
Aboard the Argo II...
...Maybe Leo could hang with Percy while Jason had his angst session. He pushed the door open a crack only to be greeted by the sweet sound of furious screaming.
"No, Percy! You have to press B!" Leo recognized Annabeth's voice instantly; when you're screamed at for 6 months you tend to get familiar with the tone.
"I am pressing B!" Wild button pressing ensued within the room as Annabeth let out a frustrated growl, and Leo got the feeling that whatever wrath he had experienced of Annabeth's Percy had felt 100 times more.
"That's a Z, moron!"
"I am pretty sure that that is a B, Annabeth."
"How would you know? You're dyslexic!"
"So are you!"
"My brothers have a Wii back home, I think I know what I
:icongi1997:Gi1997 113 85
Tripping, Slipping, and Other Romantic Things
Takes place around when everyone thinks the Percabeth reunion is going to occur (so basically when the Argo II's heroes are on the ground introducing themselves to the Romans and Annabeth realizes Percy remembers her)
…And then her doubt seemed to evaporate as if it were water meeting scorching sunshine, for he knew. He knew.
The two camps spoke around her but the sound was lost behind the deafening roar in her head. She stared at his face, that beautiful face that had haunted her for so long, beaming with happiness while he bounced up and down in the grass. She found her hands parting Piper and Leo aside like a curtain in an almost dream like haze as her feet carried her forward on slow, hesitant steps. Impossible. She must be dreaming, any moment about to awake to cold reality.
Her pace picked up and his smile continued to grow as she finally shoved past Jason to stumble to the front line, gasps and glares erupting almost instantly among the Romans
:icongi1997:Gi1997 64 41
When the Rain Is Coming Down
Set shortly after the events of The Lost Hero
Rain poured down in sheets, drops plinking against the old worn wood beneath her feet in an almost musical manner. The gray clouds were hazy and matched her mood nearly perfectly. If they were darker, like storm clouds, she probably would have been more satisfied, but a magical camp could only instill so much within a miserable girl.
She supposed she should be lucky that she was getting any rain at all, without Demeter campers or a divine force to tend the plants Chiron had been forced to let the winter rainstorm in to fulfill the job, although she was disappointed with the results.
She had been hoping for loud crashes of thunder and lightning bright enough to blast the entire sky with brilliant sparks and flashes. She wanted to feel wind tearing at her sweatshirt and rain slicing her face and adrenaline pumping through her veins so that then she could scream; scream until her lungs burst and someone up
:icongi1997:Gi1997 35 32


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So I am alive haha School is finally over so I actually have time to go on here and write and stuff again. Its been a while though so just, you know, bear with me as I fall back into the groove of things. I wanted to formally apologize to all the people that sent me birthday wishes in March that I completely ignored: I'm really awfully sorry. I feel like a terrible person, but I honestly didn't mean to ignore you guys. I just wasn't on here during my birthday. I think it would be weird to go through all the messages now and thank everyone so I'm just going to do a massive, unrushed, thank you right now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH EVERYBODY I LOVE YOU ALL *hugs forever*

So anyways, wow. Its been a while. The site hasn't changed all that much, I see...The House of Hades preview is released in a few days, I'm so excited haha I have so many theories and ideas and wishes for the book already! I'm kind of torn between loving and disliking the fact that Rick called it the "Percabeth book" but we'll see I guess. I'm cool as long as we get proper character development from the other characters to. The Sea of Monsters trailer was released a few months ago and I'm actually really really excited to see the movie, even if its not a lot like the book. What are your guys' thoughts on the latest PJO fandom buzz?

And how's everyone been? haha Glad that school's over if you're out? Because I sure am!


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